About us

Our Vision

The vision of Los Angeles Culture Festival is to promote a "one world, one people" awareness by encouraging diversity and unity in our world communities through the cultures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide charitable, educational and entertainment, in order to advance our goal of sharing the various diverse cultures and the traditions of the world in our communities to promote social cohesion. We work collaboratively to help embrace and encourage a "one world-one people" with focus on unity & diversity to promote world cultures


Community Involvement & Outreach

  • Organize and produce the Los Angeles Culture Festival - Carnival Culture Village yearly
  • Organize and produce The Hollywood Carnival Parade on the world famous Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, California yearly
  • Participate in parades & festivals promoting the world culture through unity & diversity as "one world, one people"
  • We feed the homeless
  • Promote, organize and collaborate on various community outreach programs free to the public
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